Volvo L260H

Volvo L260H

490 000,00 €
602 700,00 € (gross)
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Weight 33500 kg
Delivery 04.2024

WL20067 tire set 875/65R29* GP4D L4 GOODYEAR

WL21029 rims for tires 800, 875/65 – 5 pieces

WL22010 front and rear full mudguards for standard 80 tires

WL30007 fuel filler strainer

WL30011 automatic engine shutdown system from idle

WL30024 engine shutdown delay (turbocharger protection)

WL32068 Volvo D13 engine meeting EU STAGE V standards

WL37002 radiator fan with time programming for changing the direction of rotation, with a bridge cooling system

WL39501 Rimpull control – wheel pull control

WL41017 Premium Comfort ISRI Operator Seat with Ventilation, Air, Heated

WL42002 ACC automatic air conditioning for the operator’s cabin (condenser with anti-corrosion protection)

WL43004 BlueTooth/USB radio player

WL44002 installation for radio installation (12 V / 11 A converter, antenna, speakers) on the left side

WL45001 handle (“knob”) on the steering wheel making it easier to steer the machine

WL45003 sliding glass in the left door

WL45011 cabin parking heater from the engine cooling system

WL45019 emergency machine steering system

WL45024 CDC lever steering system

WL45052 Co Remote control with camera

WL45201 exterior mirrors with electric adjustment and heating

WL46003 soundproofing kit

WL46005 soundproofing kit, EU

WL50022 Economy LED light set (main front and rear, working spotlights under the cab roof, 2 for front and rear)

WL51003 orange LED warning light “rooster”.

WL54002 reversing signal WHITE SOUND

WL61016 3 hydraulic functions (3 levers)

WL65013 maximum bucket height programming function

WL70003 central lubrication, standard boom

WL71003 wheel wrench

WL71007 operator tool kit

WL71010 compressed air cleaning gun with 5 m cable and quick connector on the machine

WL80001 BSS boom suspension system (NOTE: replacement option with WL63001)

WL82004 material handling counterweight

WL85001 front headlight covers

WL85003 reinforced covers for rear headlights on the counterweight

WL86013 rear frame side cover plates

WL86044 counterweight holders, orange

WL86046 double DPF filter cover

WL87001 noise level marking according to the EU standard

WL87002 machine marking and CE certificate

WL88008 Volvo CareTrack monitoring system, GSM/GPS version

WL88010 Caretrack GSM, BASIC subscription, first year ADVANCED

WL88202 advanced system for improving operator skills for machines with scales

WL88205 dynamic weighing system