Volvo EW 160

Volvo EW 160

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XW10125 two-piece boom
XW10211 excavator arm 2.45 m
XW10310 bucket lever system without a sling handle
XW20111 set of wheels 10.00 16PR BRIDGESTONE, twin wheels
XW20310 inner ring securing twin wheels
XW20653 bolted front blade (parallel arrangement, width 2.55 m), bolted rear supports
XW20810 tool box on the left side of the chassis
XW20815 tool box on the right side of the chassis
XW20910 standard bridges, 2.55 m wide
XW21010 bridge mounting plates 20 mm thick
XW30112 Volvo engine meeting Stage V emission standards
XW30711 speed limit to 30 km/h with signs
XW40111 CareCab cabin, with a non-opening roof window
XW40212 operator seat with pneumatic suspension and heating
XW40311 50 mm wide seat belt, retractable
XW40412 joysticks with sliders for proportional control and 3 switches
XW40714 MP3 radio player with Bluetooth (hands-free phone kit)
XW40810 rain visor above the windshield
XW50111 additional 2 work lights mounted on the boom on both sides
XW50113additional 2 front work lights mounted on the cab roof
XW50116 driving sound signals
XW50126 main lighting of road vehicles, LED rear lamps
XW50128 additional camera on the right side of the body
XW50138 orange LED “rooster” warning light
XW50213 18-channel relay of electrical circuits from body to chassis
XW50410 Volvo CareTrack monitoring system, GSM/GPS version
XW50610 Caretrack GSM, BASIC subscription, first year ADVANCED
XW60116 class 46 hydraulic oil with extended durability
XW60245 X1 two-way hydraulic system (hammer, scissors) with flow regulation from the panel in the cabin
XW60832 hydraulic installation to power the excavator quick coupler
XW60860 X3 low flow hydraulic system (slope bucket, swing motor)
XW70210 operator tool kit
XW70333 Technical and Operational Documentation in Polish
XW80110 standard counterweight
XW8350210 Steelwrist S60 hydraulic excavator quick coupler with hook, safe

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