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Volvo EC480 EL
Technical equipment of the offered machine:
NMX24583 central lubrication system, one-piece boom, with bucket levers
XC00128 EC480EL crawler excavator
XC10103 one-piece boom 7.0 m
XC10206 HD excavator arm 3.35 m
XC10401 bucket lever system without sling handle
XC10505 machine marking according to the EU standard
XC10801 protection of the end of the arm against damage
XC20104 700 mm wide tracks, track plates with three grousers
XC20201 chain and roller cover standard (single)
XC20305 mechanically extendable landing gear
XC20402 reinforced chassis cover – 10 mm thick steel plate
XC30109 Volvo engine meeting EU STAGE V standards
XC30302 electric fuel pump with a capacity of 50 l/min with a shut-off function
XC30401 cyclone type pre-dust collector
XC30801 standard radiator fan drive
XC30902 engine shutdown delay
XC40106 CareCab ROPS cab, with non-opening sunroof
XC40203 operator seat with air suspension and heating
XC40405 joysticks with 4 switches
XC40502 automatic air conditioning for the operator’s cabin
XC40602 universal lock key
XC40708 MP3 radio player with Bluetooth (hands-free phone kit)
XC40801 front rain visor
XC41203 seat belt 50 mm wide, retractable
XC50001 LED base lights, in body frame (1 pc.), on boom (1 pc.)
XC50102 driving sound signal
XC50108 counterweight rearview camera
XC50112 compressor with hose and cleaning gun
XC50119 right side view camera
XC50130 orange LED warning light “rooster”.
XC50150 additional 5 LED work lights: 2 front cab roof lights, 1 rear cab light, 1 counterweight light, 1 boom light
XC50201 Pmax, operating range – maximum power
XC50401 Volvo CareTrack monitoring system, GSM/GPS version
XC50403 Caretrack GSM, BASIC subscription
XC50801 high handrails on the body
XC60107 Volvo class 46 hydraulic oil with extended durability
XC60701 hydraulic system for draining leaks from accessories on the base machine
XC60902 “floating” boom system (for working with a hammer, grapple, grading) the boom falls under its own weight
XC61001 safety valves on one-piece boom
XC61101 safety valves for one-piece boom arm
XC70102 cabin entrance platform
XC70202 operator tool kit
XC70319 Technical and Operational Documentation in Polish
XC80182 counterweight, 9750 kg
XC80202 reinforced lower body covers – 4.5 mm thick steel plate
XC8289603 set of pins for mounting the EC480D bucket
XC8294035 Volvo V4 GP bucket, on pins, width 2150 mm, capacity 3.31 m3, 6 teeth GP_N_NS_N
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