Volvo EC 18E

Volvo EC 18E

26 700,00 €
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Machines on the stock

CX11021 long excavator arm
CX12004 blade on an extended arm
CX21002 rubber tracks, 230mm wide
CX32001 two-stage air filtration system
CX40004 soundproofed cabin with heating
CX41015 operator seat, fabric upholstery, mechanical suspension, orange seat belt
CX42001 standard control levers
CX50004 orange warning light “rooster”
CX54001 installation proportional control slider X1
CX60001 standard hydraulic oil
CX61006 hydraulic system for powering tools (bidirectional)
CX68001 multi-piston hydraulic pump
CX70001 operator tool kit
CX70015 Technical and Operational Documentation in Polish
CX82001 painting standard Volvo colors
CX83001 machine marking according to the EU standard, CE certificate