Atlas 350 MH

Atlas 350 MH

325 000,00 €
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Atlas 350MH industrial machine,
body with the possibility of continuous rotation,
soundproof Atlas 935 cabin,
heating using a water heat exchanger,
air conditioning
Specific counterweight weight 8200 kg,
body rotation radius 3400 mm
Additional steps mounted on the chassis
Monoblock boom,
two lifting cylinders,
set steeply,
2 arm cylinders on the sides (usable length 10600 mm),
2 pressure accumulators – recommended switch 3565586 for right-hand / left-hand circulation.
Arm, suitable for the C84.5i monoblock boom (usable length 7700 mm,
arm width 345 mm, pin diameter 80 mm
Lifting cabin,
possibility of stepless hydraulic lifting to a height of 2.7 m (including control)
full lighting of the machine working area (8 LED lamps),
factory Radio,
alarm buzzer for road traffic,
yellow “rooster” rotating lamp
8 pcs. Super Elastic solid rubber tires 12.00 – 20, with separating rings
Protection against falling of the arm